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The Beck Group – more than the sum of its parts

Beck+Heun GmbH is one of two business segments of the Beck Group. The other segments is the autonomous ROKA-Werk GmbH, which is active as a manufacturer in the catering sector. In addition since 1999, in addition to the shutter box division , Beck+Heun also maintains the equestrian ‚jumping equipment“ area. The Beck Group is active in three very different industries. This means that the individual sister companies are consistently inspired with innovative approaches and new ideas. In the meantime this has given rise to special manufacturing know-how that represents a considerable competitive advantage for all individual companies.


Mobile systems for the catering trade

ROKA Werk GmbH has established itself in the catering trade with two essential business segments: Traditional stainless steel manufacturing, in particular the manufacturing of special solutions in the area of catering technology, and production of vehicles and containers in polyester design. Unique characteristics of the company are primarily the technical perfection of its products and the stylish and modern design of these products. Additional information concerning ROKA Werk GmbH is available at:

Beck+Heun equestrian manufactory

Jumps and equipment for professional equestrian sport

The entire business activity was organised in the ‚Jumping Equipment‘ division in 1999. Since then this areas developed with exceptional rapidity. Beck+Heun recognised worldwide as a manufacturer and supplier of jumping equipment that satisfies most rigorous quality and safety requirements. Additional information concerning the „Jumping Equipment‘ division is available at: