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History of Beck+Heun GmbH


Beck+Heun has a new flagship in the top-mounted box assortment: The Neopor system ROKA-TOP® NEOLINE 2 is a powerhouse when it comes to insulation, stability and ease-of-installation.

Effective immediately, the top-mounted best-seller ROKA-TOP® is available in an optimised new edition: ROKA-TOP® 2

The problem of friction-locked window fastening for window-shutter box combinations is a source of controversy in the industry. Beck+Heun develops a stabilising bracket that safeguards the large box elements against extreme weather conditions. It is certified by the German PIV Institute and is integrated in the box during the production process.

Beck+Heun enables ventilation at minimal heat loss: The decentral ventilation system, AIRFOX®, contains a heat exchanger. Effective immediately it is available as option for the ROKA-CO2MPACT® system. It is integrated in the lateral part of the preframe.


Beck+Heun starts the CAMPUS training series for customers and prospects. More than 100 participates register for the starting semester.

Beck+Heun invests in equipment for shutter box production. A total of five new machines should be able to accommodate the increased level of orders and assure resource-efficient production.


50th anniversary of the Beck Group.

Inauguration of the 7,000 square meter production and office building in Mengerskirchen.

The preframe system ROKA-CO2MPACT® SA is introduced – the renovation type of the sister product ROKA-CO2MPACT®. With this addition, an all-round insulation package is also available for replacement of windows as part of a facade renovation.

The roof of the new building in Mengerskirchen is equipped with 920 photovoltaic modules.

With Philipp Beck the third generation of the founding family joins the management team.


Beck+Heun starts sales of the first shutter box series made of Neopor®. The ROKA-NEOLINE® its sister series of brick, ROKA-LITH NEOLINE, cover all major wall types and dimensions. The systems achieve impressive Psi values and U-values.


The South Branch extends its factory premises. The Hennhofen site grows to what is now approx. 26,800 square meters.

Beck+Heun utilises its know-how in the field of thermal insulation and efficiency in related areas – the basement ceiling insulation BIMAX-THERM® is launched for sales.

The range of renovation products is extended with two new developments. In addition to ROKA-THERMO-FLEX, with ROKA-SAN- and ROKA-PROFI-FLEX, Beck+Heun offers two new systems for this application area.

Sales launch of the patented innovation ROKA-CO2MPACT® – a unique insulation system for windows, either roller shutters or external Venetian blinds.


Development of the company’s plinth insulating boards and ornamental profiles.

Beck+Heun releases ROKA-TOP-SWING – a rotating top-mounted box system for insertion into existing non-insulated shutter boxes.


Beck+Heun delivers to Tunisia for the first time and develops an entirely new market with North Africa. To further extend the presence soon thereafter the partner company Beck+Heun Tunisia is founded.


First purchase of the second patented insulation system for retroactive insulation of ROKA-THERMO-FLEX roller shutter boxes.

The South Branch moves into the previously purchased and modernised factory facilities in Altenmünster/Hennhofen. It is a facility of approximately 14,000 square meters.


Increased concentration on this totally newly established market and development of the patented renovation system for shutter boxes – ROKA-ASS. Beck+Heun is the first manufacturer to invest in products for the professional renovation retroactive insulation of shutter boxes.

Front-mounted shutter boxes and insect protection systems are added to the product portfolio.

‚Rollei GmbH‘ (Rollei stands for: Rollladen (roller shutters) and Leisten (strips)) is renamed as ‚Beck+Heun GmbH Erfurt‘.

Beck+Heun GmbH receives the ‚TOP100‘ seal of quality for its outstanding innovative achievements. The award is based on a comparative study conducted by the Vienna University of Economics and Business that investigated the innovation management of the medium-sized companies.


With PLATINUM, Beck+Heun develops stabilisation for roller shutters that is unique to this day.

Development of the lightweight box for Venetian blinds that makes it possible to integrate this type of sun shading system in the facade – ROKA-SHADOW.


Beck+Heun offers shutter boxes with external revision called „RG”.


Beck+Heun extends the product line with means of sun protection, such as external Venetian blinds and awnings.

Development of a new type of side cap system for built-in boxes, in which height-adjustable bearings can be mounted through a practical engagement function – SPEEDY-CLIP.


The segment ‚horse jumping equipment‘ aligned to manufacturing of high-quality products for professional show jumping is introduced.

The South Branch relocates to Welden in a rented business building.


Foundation of the Beck+Heun South Branch in a rented hall in Derching.


Beck+Heun announces start of delivery of a new high-insulation floor-edge formwork system – THERMO S.


The foundation Leben Helfen gGmbH is founded to support the needy and disadvantaged.

A fire in the night from 4 to 5 February 1994 completely burns down the business building of Rollei GmbH. Opening of a new, multi-story administrative complex at the Erfurt site in December 1994 after construction time of just ten months. The representative business building has a glazed exhibition hall, disposition and order acceptance area, as well as various sales and consultation offices.

Sales launch of patented full-brick shutter boxes.

Reinhold Beck is awarded the Medal of Merit from Robert Becker, mayor of the community Mengerskirchen, at the time. He is awarded this honourable distinction for his social committement towards the people living in the region of Beck+Heun.


Beck+Heun develops a recycling concept for shutter boxes with the factory’s own special shredder system that is unique in Germany.

For the first time Beck+Heun manufactures and sells more than 1 million linear meters of shutter boxes.


An additional hall is built for the mineral coating of shutter boxes.

Beck+Heun achieves a leading market position and develops the Polish market together with the new distributor company SOLIMPLEX.


At Rollei in Erfurt a new modern building for administration and construction is dedicated.

Within four years Beck+Heun replaces all existing production machines for shutter boxes.


In former East Germany, the former state-owned enterprise is reprivatized and continues trading as the autonomous Rollei GmbH. Located centrally in the industrial area of Erfurt, the company has a site of almost 15,000 square meters. Effective immediately Rollei sells the complete Beck+Heun product line, modern elements from the areas of window, door and gate technology as well as shading systems.

As of 1 January 1990 the sole proprietorship Beck+Heun is converted into a GmbH with participation of the children – the 2nd generation of the Beck family takes over management.


An additional warehouse with an area of 1,000 square meters is built.


The insulation formwork system developed and patented by Reinhold Beck is recognized and distinguished as an ‚invention of value to the national economy by the Hessian Minister for Economic Affairs and Technology.


Granting of a property right for an insulation formwork system developed by Reinhold Beck.


Commencement of manufacturing of shutter boxes made of polystyrene® and in-house construction of the first manufacturing machine for their production.


Willi Heun withdraws as general partner. Beck+Heun continues trading as a sole proprietorship of the Beck family. Even at this time Beck+Heun had achieved a level of name recognition.


The foundation is laid for the present enterprise ROKA Werk, an additional subsidiary of the Beck Group – the opening of the metal processing business segment, as well as the manufacturing of stainless steel furniture and electrical devices for the restaurant trade.

Extension of the business purpose to the manufacturing of shutter boxes made of metal sheets.


Erection of the first factory hall on the company’s own property in the commercial area of Waldernbach.


Reinhold Beck and Willi Heun lay the foundation for the enterprise Beck+Heun. The purpose of the enterprise is the industrial manufacturing of concrete goods. Relocation of company headquarters to Waldernbach and extension of the purpose of the enterprise to the manufacturing of concrete shutter boxes.