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Plan and act for the long-term.

„In everything that you due, keep the end in mind; this is sustainability.“

As a future-oriented enterprise and employer of more than 420 people, Beck+Heun is also aware of its social and ecological responsibility. This not only determines our entrepreneurial behaviour, we also participate actively in aid projects and measures for protection of the environment.

Eco – logical!

Every year millions of tons of waste accumulate. Of this amount far less than 40 percent is recycled. The rest, including toxic and hazardous substances in incinerated, taken to a landfill or disposed of underground. To reduce these quantities of waste, to prevent the release of harmful contents, to manufacture with greater environmental responsibility and awareness, for our products we mainly use the environmentally-friendly materials Polystyrene® and Neopor®. They are free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other halogenated cell gases. Instead they contain nitrogen and oxygen, i.e. air as a natural cell gas and thus they particularly save energy and natural resources. Moreover, they are suitable for foodstuffs and are completely recyclable. In order to process the remaining components of the products in an environmentally-friendly manner, Beck+Heun uses a recycling system for shutter box shells that has been developed in house and is completely unique. Beck+Heun’s assembly partners in Germany participate in a recycling concept and at new delivery with 6m boxes, they can give the residual pieces back to Beck+Heun. In the plant these pieces are broken down into their raw material components (Polystyrene®/Neopor®, aluminium, structural steel) and accordingly are taken to recycling stations.

LEBEN HELFEN – those who help donate hope!

The non-profit LEBEN HELFEN gGmbH was founded by the entire Beck Group in 1994, to support disadvantaged persons and persons in need. The basis of the donation is comprised of the expenses incurred annually for Christmas presents for customers and business partners, which are dispensed with in favour of the foundation. More details concerning the measures and relief efforts are provided in our information brochure, which is published annually or at

„Protecting the environment is expensive, not to preserve it is beyond price.“