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For the lowest ETICS thicknesses - Our answer to the tightening
of the EnEV.

The two new box variants of the ROKA-SHADOW® 2 ETICS-SA series are the answer to the new requirements of the EnEV. Thanks to intelligent material combinations of Neopor®, PU, Aerogel and Phonotherm, the two external venetian blind systems achieve excellent insulation values with the smallest box widths. The plasticMOUNTING BRACKETS decouples the entire system thermally. The use of two mounting rails in the upper box back gives the entire construction even more stability. This also makes installation easier.

1. narrow inner thigh

The inner leg has extremely narrow dimensions due to a unique material combination of PU [ λ = 0.024 W/(mK)] and aerogel [ λ = 0.014 W/(mK)]. Slim ETIC systems are therefore no problem.

Psi values improved by 25

Due to the new material combination, the boxes have a 25 % better Psi value than the previous models.

Integrated recess

An additional module made of Neopor® [ λ = 0.032 W/(mK)] already provided with a recess is supplied with the box system. There is no need for time-consuming cutting to size and the ETICS can be placed flush on the additional module.


For plastering over

For overdamming

ROKA-SHADOW® 2 ETICS-SA - Accessories

Guide rail

Installation is carried out using spacers in conjunction with different GUIDE RAILS or alternatively using the special thermally separated and driving rain-proof SHADOW-TG rail.

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A variety of INSECT SCREENS products are optionally available. These can be supplied together with the box system or retrofitted.

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MOUNTING BRACKETS made of plastic offer another advantage in addition to their stabilising function: the box fastening is thermally decoupled at the same time.

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