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The right system for every installation situation

Segmental arch

Due to insufficient planning of the external venetian blind box as a segmental arch design, the sash may hit the inner arch when the window is opened. The window cannot be opened by 90°! Beck+Heun offers the solution to this problem. With the help of a specially developed software, taking into account the influencing variables of window width, stitch height (max. 200 mm recommended) and window installation dimension, it is calculated how the external venetian blind box must be manufactured so that the window can be guaranteed to open by 90°.

Gable formation

Many gables also require appropriate shading due to their angled glazed window shapes. Large gable windows in the form of French windows allow light-flooded space in the attic. However, when arranging the windows, it is not only the appearance that needs to be taken into account; the sun protection devices must also be coordinated with the sloping roof and must also be fully functional. External venetian blind boxes are suitable for installation in gable facades where the windows follow the roof slope and have an angle of up to 45°. These external venetian blinds are manufactured with an overhead box and adapted to the shape of the window.

Bay and tower training

Modern architecture increasingly demands corner and bay constructions in all possible variations, angles and shapes. Due to their enormous variation possibilities, the external venetian blind boxes from Beck+Heun are ideally suited for installation in such situations. The external venetian blind box is precisely mitred in the corresponding angle sizes or adapted to a curve in the masonry. Recesses for any continuous concrete or steel supports as well as the installation of the angle combinations can be easily made on site.

Bay window formation 90

Bay window formation 135

Tower construction (round masonry)


Tailor-made for your building project

External venetian blind angle combination with filler block

External venetian blind box with mitre cut for on-site pillar

External venetian blind box with filling block mounted on one side if no pillar is available

Angle combination ready-mounted on site Height of filling block = external height of external venetian blind box - 15 mm for plastering on site