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The stylish arched element closed on the room side - Perfectly coordinated

Inadequate planning of the roller shutter box can cause the sash to touch the inner curve of the roller shutter box panel above when opening round or arched windows. A specially developed software calculates how the inner arch must look like on the basis of window width, stitch height and window installation dimension, so that the window can be guaranteed to open by 90°. ROKA-RUBO EXKLUSIV RG is the room-side closed version of the round arched box. It is suitable when high demands are made on thermal insulation, sound insulation and air tightness. In combination with the special guide rails, ROKA-RUBO EXKLUSIV RG forms a perfectly coordinated system.

1. external revision

Due to the 110 mm wide outlet slot, the window sits further towards the inside of the room and thus enables the installation and revision of the roller shutter curtain from the outside. The box can be fully plastered from the inside.

2. coherent overall picture

To cover the connection joint between window and box, the outer arch is 15 mm smaller in radius than the middle arch.

Window fixing strip

A frame connection profile is integrated in the inner insulation block to fix the window frame.

Perfect plaster adhesion

The completely spray-coated surface and the profiling in the bevelled area give you a perfect plaster surface.

Optional masonry chamfer

If desired, the side reveal can be adapted to the cross-eye above it. This creates a visually elegant transition between the arch and the reveal.

Guaranteed to open 90

ROKA-RUBO EXKLUSIV RG - Installation variants

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS