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Put the fly swatter out of work.

Through the summer with the right stitch

They are the perfect companions for spring and summer: insect screen systems from Beck+Heun not only keep annoying pests at bay, but thanks to the different fabrics available, allergy sufferers can also breathe a sigh of relief. The desire for an unobstructed view can also be met. The six available fabrics are enclosed in robust and attractive insect screen systems - either fixed, pivoting, swinging, pleated or liftable. Anyone who has ever bought a INSECT SCREENS from a discount store knows that, with luck, it will last a summer. In contrast, Beck+Heun products are manufactured to protect you and your home for many years. The insect screen frames are made of particularly sturdy extruded aluminum profiles. The corner brackets are force-fitted to the frame. In the case of movable frames, these are also glued. Whether for windows, doors or shafts, you will always receive a high-quality system.

Systems for every requirement


  • Fixed basic solution for windows
  • Can be attached and detached from the window frame
  • No drilling

Insect screen

  • Ready for immediate use with a flick of the wrist if required
  • If the protection is no longer required, the roller blind can simply be raised into the cassette
  • Click-clack function locks the lowered roller blind
  • Soft brake ensures smooth retraction into the cassette


  • Swings outwards
  • Withstands continuous use
  • Can be opened inwards or outwards, left or right, depending on the variant
  • Is firmly screwed to the window or door

Swing door

  • Swings inwards and outwards
  • Can also be opened with full hands
  • Opens with light pressure
  • Closes automatically and silently

Sliding system

  • Practical for large door surfaces, for example on loggias, terraces or conservatories
  • The ideal combination of comfort, aesthetics and INSECT SCREENS
  • Smooth and quiet running thanks to high-quality ball bearings

Pleated insect screen

  • Protection for large doors on balconies or terraces
  • No swivel range required
  • Single or double leaf with convenient magnetic catch
  • Durable, elastic fabric

Light well cover

  • Reliable protection against flying and crawling insects, dirt and leaves
  • High-strength and hard-wearing stainless steel fabric withstands foot traffic
  • Cellar rooms remain clean and well ventilated

Fabric types For all cases

Standard fiberglass

  • Black
  • Reliable INSECT SCREENS with a clear view
  • Thread thickness: 0.22 mm
  • Open visible area: 70 %


  • Black
  • Maximum room brightness even with oblique incidence of light
  • Thread thickness: 0.15 mm
  • Open visible surface: 85 %

Stainless steel

  • Silver
  • For frames
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust and weather-resistant
  • Thread thickness 0.22 mm
  • Open visible area: 72 %

Pet screen

  • Black
  • For households with dogs or cats
  • Thread thickness: 0.6 mm
  • Open visible area: 45 %

Pollen protection

  • Black
  • Micro-fine mesh openings keep out up to 90 percent of pollen

Colors for every taste

Traffic white

glossy, RAL 9016


anodised, E6 / EV1

Ochre brown

matt, RAL 8001

Sepia brown

matt, RAL 8014

Black brown

silk matt, TON 8077

Anthracite grey

matt, RAL 7016

Special colours

All other RAL colors according to the RAL color chart are also available on request

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