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Strongest insulation properties - Solid room-side insulation block

Compared to other external venetian blind boxes, ROKA-SHADOW® BLOCK has the strongest insulating properties. The reason for this is the solid insulation block on the room side. Ten years of development work have gone into this system and perfected it down to the last detail. ROKA-SHADOW® BLOCK offers probably the largest variety of variants in this series and can be individually adapted to any structural situation in terms of shaft height and width. Even SPECIAL SOLUTIONS such as oriel, tower and gable designs as well as segmental arches with "90 degree window opening guarantee" are no problem.

1. variable box chute

The shaft can be adapted in height and depth to all commercially available external venetian blind systems (60-93 mm).

3. window fixing strip

A frame connection profile is integrated in the inner insulation block to fix the window frame.


2. insulation block

Fulfils the highest demands up to thermal bridge-free construction in the lintel area.

4. extended outer panel

The outer trim is extended by 30 mm, ensuring a clean cover for the installation joint between the window and the box.


ROKA-SHADOW® BLOCK - Installation variants

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS