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For boxes closed on the room side - Slim design and high strength.

The two-part guide rail system ALU RG made of high-quality aluminium makes an installation-friendly revision possible. The maxi track can be converted for roller shutter hangings with 11 mm intermediate size by means of a brush combination. ALU RG with 75 millimetres installation depth is only suitable for boxes closed on the room side with an inspection opening of 80 millimetres. The guide rail with 105 millimetres installation depth is particularly suitable for special box systems such as ROKA-THERM® 2 RG/S and ROKA-RUBO EXCLUSIV RG. The installation on the window is done by means of special clamping head (nipple) screws.

Extensive powder and foiling options

INSECT SCREENS IR-1 retrofittable*

* Illustration shows insect screen IR-3