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Roller shutter box with laterally integrated ventilation

The top-mounted variant comes in a complete package including shaft, motor, roller shutter curtain and 75 mm GUIDE RAILS ALU RG-TG. The basis is the proven ROKA-THERM® 2 RG with a box height of 300 mm, which promises advantages for the AIRFOX® S compared to the L-version. Another advantage is that these boxes are inconspicuous all around: The ventilation grille is almost invisible in the outer lintel area and on the box end rail. The façade view remains untouched and is not impaired by disturbing external bonnets. Connecting and connection cables are already laid and the box is manufactured to fit the AIRFOX® cassette precisely. Thus, the AIRFOX® is installed as the last element and is not stolen or damaged during the construction phase.

Ventilation outlet via the box end rail

The system is inconspicuously integrated into the façade due to the air ducting laid in the box end rail.

Side ventilation

The ventilation system is attached to the side of the box.


Proven roller shutter box technology with ventilation function

Technical data

ROKA-TOP® 2 RG AIRFOX® S - Dimensions variant plaster/WDVS

A Box width300345365425490
B Box height300300300300300
C Inner leg thickness476282142207
D Clear width189220220220220
E Clearance height210230230230230
Clear internal dimension 1)189220220220220
G Window seat from outside box145145145145145
H Outer end rail projection1313131313
Inspection opening8080808080

1) Theoretically available rolling space - measured by press - without taking assembly air into account.

Note: For information on maximum element widths and heights, please refer to the "Top box" catalogue, and for further information on motors and GUIDE RAILS , please refer to the "Accessories" catalogue at the bottom of the page.