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Top box assembly reinvented

Closure lid box with the PLUS in performance


The sealing cover box is popular due to its good accessibility from the room side into the box interior. However, concessions have to be made, for example in terms of thermal insulation, sound insulation or airtightness. This is precisely where the strengths of ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS come into play. The new top cover box makes no compromises. How is this possible? Thanks to the numerous new product details.

In addition to achieving top values in terms of building physics, the development of the new system was guided by the need to offer convenient installation. ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS does not require any additional connection profiles to the frame. It is installed in record time and in only one work step.

PLUS features:

Thermal insulation:
Improved thermal insulation values by up to 20 percent

Sound insulation:
Increase in airborne sound insulation by up to 15 percent

Air tightness:
Tested air tightness guaranteed

Installation convenience:
Installed in just one step

Enables force-fit connection to the window


Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS



Technical information

Dimensions and thermal insulation values can be found in the brochure ROKA-TOP 2 PLUS under Brochures/Catalogues

Top box installation reinvented

Secured transport

New details ensure a safe arrival at the installation site: locking discs and an air bag prevent the hangings from moving. The red transport lock holds the end slat and simplifies insertion into the GUIDE RAILS.


ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS can be mounted on the window in just one step. Additional adapter profiles on the frame are not required. This reduces the installation time.

Adjustable reveal

Even with the greatest care, the slight tolerances between the window and the box can lead to the formation of small gaps between the reveal and the closing cover.

With the help of the new two-part reveal, these can be closed easily.

A clean connection is guaranteed.


As a rule, however, readjustment is not necessary with ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS, as its factory presetting prevents readjustment on the construction site.

Easy-to-fit sealing cap

Straight cuts please every fitter. The new 3-layer closing lid is not only highly insulating, due to the adjustable reveal, a stepped rebate for the lateral reveal connection can be dispensed with. If the closing lid still needs to be worked on at the building site, this is easily possible thanks to the straight cuts.

As dense as never

Closure covers are used for revision and have joints due to the system. In ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS these are optimally closed in the insulation and sealing level. Even after a later opening of the system, the tightness can be easily restored.

Force-locking connection

In the development of ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS, adapters and a latching function were deliberately dispensed with. The box is simply placed on the window and screwed from below through the frame into the crossbar. This connection has already proven itself with box systems that are closed on the room side and also enables the simple installation of long box elements. But that's not all: if a window needs to be replaced, the screw connection can be loosened and the window dismantled.

Firm and tight

The screw connection provides stability and can be loosened again if necessary. It pulls the cover onto the window and seals the joint.

Further advantages and available accessories


Tested window fastening

The STABILUM SK comfort solution offers the most secure fixing of windows in conjunction with a top-mounted box. Firmly connected to the building structure, the bracket integrated into the box can transfer both wind and impact loads into the masonry. The number of brackets to be used in the roller shutter or external venetian blind box depends on the window dimensions and the exact layout of the window elements.


STABILUM SK for TOP-MOUNTED BOXES is pressure-resistantly underlaid during installation and firmly screwed to the building structure towards the lintel or ceiling. Optimally defined screw points ensure proper fastening to the building structure. The design allows both straight and right-angled screwing - according to the specifications of the screw manufacturer.

Load cases
  • Simple window fixing
  • Simple window attachment
  • Vertical mounting and adjustment
  • Wind load transfer (pressure and suction)
  • Shock load transfer
  • Shock load transfer from guardrails
Safe all round
  • All-round window fastening according to RAL guidelines
  • Standardised screw connections in the building structure
  • For almost all box variants and sizes
  • Tested system

Building physics with top marks

ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS has a completely closed Neopor® sealing level above the closure lid. There are no gaps in the system. The result is a high-density add-on box with top values in terms of thermal and sound insulation. Insulation values improved by more than 20 percent and sound insulation properties of up to Rw = 45 decibels speak for themselves. For this purpose, a special sound insulation cover is available instead of the standard cover. A new sound-insulating strip on the outer leg also contributes to the best values. Heavy mats in the roller chamber can be dispensed with.

Technical information

Dimensions and thermal insulation values can be found in the brochure ROKA-TOP 2 PLUS under Brochures/Catalogues

Other accessories

ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS can be completed with a wide range of accessories. For the GUIDE RAILS alone, there are two versions each of aluminium and PVC to choose from. They not only guarantee a clean and safe run of the curtain. Powder-coated or foiled to match the window, they create a harmonious overall appearance on the façade. Beck+Heun always relies on well-known partners for external brands. For example, supply air elements from Aereco and SIEGENIA as well as motors from elero, Somfy, SIMU and SELVE are available.