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The flexible two-component system - Especially for boxes with closing lids.

The SAN-FLEX (NEOLINE) renovation system was specially developed for the subsequent renovation of existing roller shutter boxes with a room-side closure cover. It consists of two components that insulate the interior of the box and the area above the cover. The component for the interior of the box consists either of Neopor® and a cover fleece attached above it or of the material combination Styropor® / Neopor® with an internal diffusion separating layer. Due to the T-shaped cut, the system adapts individually to the respective box shape and fills the interior to be insulated in the best possible way. It can be easily shortened to the desired size using a cutter knife. The closure lid moulding can be cut to size steplessly using the prefabricated nominal interfaces and is attached above the closure lid.

1. cover moulding

Optimum insulation of the closure cover area. The inspection access remains in place.

2. flexible fit

The special shaped cuts in the material make it flexible. This means that the insulation system is not bulky when inserted and fits almost automatically into the roller shutter box.


The material combination of Stryopor® and Neopor® with an internal diffusion separating layer ensures optimum insulation values.


The material combination of Neopor® and a cover fleece applied to the surface ensures unbeatable insulating properties.

SAN-FLEX - Variants



SAN-FLEX - Dimensions

 SAN-FLEX (NEOLINE) 1) Variant plaster
A Insulation thickness 13 25 30
B Winding length  500 / 790 500 / 790 500 / 790
C Width of cover moulding 2) 150 – 240 150 – 240 150 – 240
D Insulation thickness outside (VD moulding) 20 20 20
E Insulation thickness inside (VD moulding) 35 35 35

1) Further sizes on request
2) Adaptable through target interfaces