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For boxes closed on the room side - Two-piece made of PVC.

The two-part guide rail system KUNSTSTOFF RG is the entry-level model for equipping roller shutter boxes closed on the room side with GUIDE RAILS and enabling an installation-friendly revision. PLASTIC RG is white, includes permanently rolled piping and is available for Mini and Maxi shutter boxes. The system is completed by matching inlet funnels and the roll-off profile (40 mm), which is screwed to the frame and closes the gap between the window and the roller shutter curtain. The installation on the window is carried out by means of a continuous plastic screw-on strip. The guide rail system is only available in 75 mm installation depth and is only suitable for boxes closed on the room side with an inspection opening of 80 mm.

Assembly-friendly revision

INSECT SCREENS IR-1 retrofittable*

* Illustration shows insect screen IR-3