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Textile shading ZIP

Functional awnings for effective outdoor shading

Textile shading ZIP

The right system for every application

Functional sun protection meets maximum design freedom

shade as big as a football goal

With its numerous design options, the VBR-ZIP front box is hard to beat in terms of visual and functional diversity. Not only are there different box designs and installation variants to choose from, but also various fabrics. Generous dimensions of up to 6,000 millimetres in width and a maximum height of 4,500 millimetres allow for shades with a surface area of up to 18 square metres.

The side seam guide runs along the entire height of the awning and holds it tightly in the easyZIP guide rail. Its seamless design guarantees that no light penetrates between the guide rail and the curtain.

Largest fabric selection

[1] For VBR-ZIP, you can choose from 5 different fabric types, including those with glossy colour brilliance, metallic effects or non-flammable silicone coating.

Drop bar

[2] Steel-reinforced and solid, it provides weighty support and flawless running.

Box version

For great design freedom: four different box designs (square, round, semicircular, plastered) with three different sizes (9-, 11- or 13-panel).


In addition to the standard version with dimensions of 26 x 46 mm for all aperture sizes, Beck+Heun also offers deep GUIDE RAILS for apertures of 11 and 13.

Installation variants

The VBR-ZIP shading systems from Beck+Heun offer three different installation options. Whether as direct mounting directly on the window, at a distance from the frame or in the plastered-in variant as overall integration within the façade - functional requirements and personal preferences are equally taken into account at this point.

Direct mounting

VBR-ZIP is installed directly on the façade. Since there is only a small or no gap towards the façade, insects and light are kept out.

Distance assembly

Whether necessary or desirable: cantilevered spacer modules create space between the guide rail and the window frame.


After installation and plastering of the façade, the complete ZIP is invisibly integrated. Shading can hardly be more inconspicuous!

SPECIAL SOLUTIONS for demanding projects

Bigger plans?
No problem thanks to central separation

Especially when used on patio roofs, large installation widths with small aperture sizes are often required. Our solution: a two-part curtain in the VBR-ZIP box (two individual units). The extension of the maximum width is achieved by the additional bearing of the fabric shaft in the middle of the blind. This creates a gap of about 30 millimetres in the fabric.

Clever thinking around the corner

For all those who love architectural highlights and like to think around corners: thanks to the clever technology and easyZIP guide, the VBR-ZIP systems from Beck+Heun also shade all-glass corners as well as corner areas of covered terraces or facades. And all this without a disturbing guide rail in the corner area.

Pergolas and patio roofs

Specially designed for pergolas and patio roofs, the fascia is attached centrally to a stabilising wall bracket. This is of great advantage, especially to prevent excessive sagging.


For design variants and other technical information, please refer to the TEXTILE SHADING ZIP brochure under Brochures/Catalogues.