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Flies, mosquitoes, wasps and other pests. There are many reasons to choose insect protection systems from Beck+Heun. Whether for windows, doors or shafts, here you will find high-quality system solutions that protect against insects. The individually produced frames made of extruded aluminium are available in six standard colours and with different types of fabric. So you will find the right combination of protection and attractive appearance here.

The insect protection systems at a glance

Versatile protection from pesky pests

  • For windows
  • With spring suspension angle, suspension angle or spring pin
  • Not movable, can be unhooked if necessary
  • For windows and doors
  • With side hinges, thus rotatable by 90 degrees
  • With or without mounting frame depending on variant
  • For doors
  • With side hinges and integrated spring
  • Swivels 180 degrees
  • For terrace and winter garden
  • With or without frame depending on variant
  • Moving the frames sideways
  • Suitable for almost all Beck+Heun boxes
  • Can also be used individually
  • Fabric rolls up and disappears into the cassette to save space
Plisse Insect Screens
  • For doors and windows
  • Fabric folds into a space-saving package
  • With and without installation frame depending on variant
  • For cellar shafts
  • With or without backsplash depending on variant
  • Fabric made of high quality stainless steel

The advantages of insect protection systems

Strong details for a long service life

Fabric according to requirements

You have the choice between different types of fabric, which in addition to insects also partly protect against pollen.

Extruded aluminium profiles

The insect screen frames are made of particularly stable extruded aluminium profiles.

Discreet corner connections

The corner joints of the insect screen frames are on the inside and are therefore hardly visible. Their extruded aluminium angles make them particularly robust.

Force-fit corner brackets

The extruded corner brackets are force-locked to the frame. In the case of movable frames, these are additionally glued.

Height adjustable brush

A height-adjustable brush allows the insect screen doors to be ideally adapted to the surface.

Almost invisible

The new Pure Vision fabric is highly transparent and offers an almost unobstructed view to the outside (open viewing area: 85 %).

General notes

Beck+Heun insect protection systems are designed to repel insects with sufficient mesh size. They are available in various designs. The correct selection of frames or variants depends on the intended use and the specific installation situation at the respective object. In the case of pleated systems, fabric bulges are technically caused by the weight of the fabric and are unavoidable at certain heights.

To ensure smooth running of the fabric in pleated installations, a gap of 2 mm is provided in the guide rail. It is therefore possible that tiny insects may get under the fabric and into the interior of the room. This is considered state of the art and does not constitute grounds for complaint. The fabric tension of the insect screen fabric can cause frame parts to deform. The manufacturing tolerance is 3 mm in total. Insect screen hinged doors andSWINGING DOORS with installation frames can only be opened by 90 degrees due to the installation frame.