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SIEGENIA AEROMAT MIDI - supply air element integrated in the box 

The secret of Aeromat Midi's success lies in its intelligent design with double locking mechanism. The volume flow limitation is another convincing feature. With these clever details, the natural pressure difference enables an air exchange that reliably fulfils the fresh air requirement, regardless of the user. Aeromat Midi can be used in particular as an air outlet for a central exhaust air system. The ventilation module consists of the passive Aeromat Midi supply air element and the specially developed Beck+Heun mounting frame. The latter is used to integrate the supply air element into the inner leg of the roller shutter box.

1. mounting frame

This is used for room-side plastering (13 mm projection over the box surface) and is pre-mounted in the roller shutter box including the weather limb. In addition, an insulation core is integrated between the fan and the outer weather lug.

2. ventilation element

The ventilation element is installed after plastering.

Air performance

  • 13 m³/h at 2 Pa
  • 18 m³/h at 4 Pa
  • 21 m³/h at 5 Pa
  • 25 m³/h at 7 Pa
  • 26 m³/h at 8 Pa
  • 30 m³/h at 10 Pa


Ventilation planning and design, including the guarantee of exhaust air, is the responsibility of the planner or customer.

SIEGENIA AEROMAT MIDI - Supply air element

Main technical features

  • Sound insulation according to DIN / EN 20140-10 Fan only Standard sound level: Dn, e, w = 35 dB
  • Volume limit: Standard control cap
  • Closability: Manual
  • Material supply air element: plastic or aluminium
  • Material mounting frame: Hard PVC and Styrofoam®
  • Colour: RAL 9016, special colours according to RAL on request
  • Dimensions: Width approx. 417 mm, height approx. 40 mm
  • U-value (Aeromat Midi ventilation elements alone): 1.5 W / m2K
  • Horizontal installation only
  • Application: Only supply air element according to DIN 18017-3 and DIN 1946-6
  • Volume limit: Standard control cap

ALL advantages at a glance


Intelligent interior design with double locking mechanism


Volume flow limitation


Insect screen integrated into the weather protection


Attractive appearance due to concealed fixing screws


Tool-free disassembly for cleaning the fan

Note: For more information on this and other ventilation systems, see the catalogue "VENTILATION SYSTEMS" at the bottom of the page.