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Textile shading ZIP

Functional awnings for effective outdoor shading

Textile shading ZIP

The right system for every application

Optimal sun protection with perfect-fitting superstructure


ROKA-TOP® 2 RG ZIP is screwed to the window and then easily installed as a unit in the masonry opening in just a few steps. The ZIP curtain and ROKA-TOP® 2 RG form a duo that is perfect in form and function - with a proven 80 millimetre inspection opening, a stable box end rail, an airtight bonded insulation wedge made of Neopor® as well as with a steel-reinforced PVC stiffening profile.

Like all ZIP systems, ROKA-TOP® 2 RG ZIP includes an easyZIP guide rail system. Its side seam guide avoids the often existing disturbing light gap between the guide rail and the curtain.


[1] The PVC-coated glass fibre fabric is available in numerous designs that differ not only in colour but also in terms of transparency, sun protection and privacy. In addition, Screen is flame retardant according to DIN 4102-B1.

Drop bar

[2] Steel-reinforced and solid, it provides weighty support and flawless running for any ZIP system.

Invisibly integrable

The advantage of systems that are closed on the room side (RG) lies in the invisible integration on the room side in addition to the improved insulating properties. Since the inspection is carried out from the outside, the box can be fully plastered from the inside.

Stabilum fastenings

They absorb loads from the window and transfer them into the construction: STABILUM fasteners are tested
and guarantee that no functional impairments, permanent deformations or damages occur under defined boundary conditions on the window.


A variety of insect protection systems are available for ROKA-TOP® 2 RG ZIP. Whether roller blind, STENTERING FRAME or practical pleated blind, the little helpers against mosquitoes & co. can already be supplied together with the box system or retrofitted.

Decentralised ventilation

On request, the ZIP add-on box can be equipped with a decentralised AIRFOX® ventilation system. It recovers up to 91 percent of the room heat up to
. The optional accessories are integrated into the
body and are later almost invisible.


For design variants and other technical information, please refer to the TEXTILE SHADING ZIP brochure under Brochures/Catalogues.