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Optimum shading in monolithic masonry


Solid shell, highly insulating core.

Thermally insulating

Neopor® processed in the insulating wedge ensures the best insulation values with λ = 0.032 W/(mK). This material is also resistant to cold and moisture and has good impact insulation properties despite its low weight. To achieve even better thermal insulation, the hollow chambers of ROKA-LITH 2 RG CLASSIC can be filled with perlite.

The new box geometry ensures optimized thermal insulation properties. ROKA-LITH 2 RG CLASSIC achieves up to 45 percent better thermal insulation values than its predecessor model.


The box systems are made from solid molded brick parts. In combination with the Neopor® insulating wedge, this ensures the best insulating properties and high stability. The shells are ground flat for perfect bonding.

Cleanly closed

The plastic side panel neatly closes the box and provides additional stability. In addition, there are already mounting options for various bearings. They are attached using U-bolts. This means they are particularly secure and cannot be damaged.

It is possible to integrate bearings for motors or simple adjustment of the shaft. These are either pre-assembled at the factory or can be retrofitted.

Homogeneous unit

Thanks to its brick construction, ROKA-LITH 2 RG CLASSIC forms a homogeneous unit with the monolithic masonry. After plastering, the roller shutter box integrates seamlessly and invisibly into the façade.

The new box surface with a close-meshed corrugated surface ensures even more reliable plaster adhesion.

Natural building material

Brick is non-combustible and does not release any harmful substances. Formed from the natural raw materials loam and clay, this building material is one of the most popular in ecological solid construction.


The molded brick parts from Beck+Heun offer ideal sound insulation. Thanks to the solid brick, sound insulation values of up to 62 decibels Dn,e,w can be achieved.

Sturdy body

High stability is the distinguishing feature of the solid construction kits from Beck+Heun. They are statically self-supporting, which reduces the need for costly support during the shell construction phase. A PVC reinforcement profile is now also integrated into the insulating wedge as standard. It is used to secure the frame and has already proven its worth with other Beck+Heun products.

Closed on room side (RG)

RG boxes do not require a sealing cover on the inside and are seamless. This avoids sound bridges and achieves absolute airtightness and optimum thermal insulation. The box is inspected from the outside in front of the window - the plastered, wallpapered or tiled interior remains unaffected.


Further technical information can be found in the brochure ROKA-LITH 2 - BUILT-IN BOXES AUS ZIEGEL under Brochures/Catalogs

Even more options
Everything from a single source incl. accessories

"Everything inside" packages

Bring everything together: The complete packages from Beck+Heun include all the individual parts for your roller shutter or external venetian blind box - in the best quality and perfectly coordinated. Comprehensive service and the convenience of having the same contact person for everything are included.

More under All inside


ROKA-LITH 2 RG CLASSIC can be fitted with an insect screen system on request. The range extends from STENTERING FRAME to hinged doors and pleated blinds through to integrable INSECT SCREENS. Thanks to the extensive selection of colors and fabrics, they can be manufactured individually according to customer requirements.


Roller shutter curtain simply mounted

Both hands free with the one-man assembly aid

Installation work on the RG roller shutter box is carried out via the external opening. This leaves the interior untouched and the system can be plastered or clad from the inside over the entire surface. But how do you access the inside of the box if the cover has been dispensed with? A well thought-out structure, flexible components and all kinds of aids make the installation of the box particularly easy. With the one-man assembly aid, this can be done single-handedly in just four steps:

  • Mounting the base rail
  • Retracting the assembly aid
  • Fastening the roller shutter curtain
  • Mounting the GUIDE RAILS
  • Fitting the roll-off profile

The use of the one-man assembly aid enables the tank to be stored safely during assembly. This leaves both hands free for further assembly steps.

The right partner
External venetian blind box ROKA-LITH 2 SHADOW

The ROKA-LITH 2 SHADOW external venetian blind box is ideal for combining with a roller shutter box that is closed on the room side. Due to the same box heights, a uniform overall appearance of the façade is achieved even when these two box variants are used in combination.

Window stop rail

An optional window stop rail is available to cover the window connection joint.

Extended outer leg

In order to accommodate higher external venetian blind hangings and their higher packages, the outer sections of ROKA-LITH SHADOW can be extended by 30 mm.

Brick box meets decentralized ventilation system


These two product-in-product solutions combine brick construction, shading and decentralized ventilation: ROKA-LITH RG CLASSIC AIRFOX® S and ROKA-LITH SHADOW AIRFOX® S have a laterally integrated AIRFOX® ventilation system. This means that the requirements of the DIN 1946-6 ventilation standard - such as the user-independent minimum air exchange rate - can be met as part of a standard box installation. Once in operation, AIRFOX® recovers up to 92% of the room heat and thus makes a significant contribution to reducing heat loss.


Electrical connections for AIRFOX® are prepared

The ROLLER SHUTTER AND VENETIAN BLIND BOXES from Beck+Heun are prepared with all electrical connections for the installation of AIRFOX®. This convenient plug-and-play solution enables quick and easy connection in just a few steps.


Swap thick air for a feel-good climate


Brick roller shutter box with side-mounted ventilation element

  • Solid roller shutter box
  • Revision outside


Brick venetian blind box with side-mounted ventilation element

  • Solid external venetian blind box

Possible masonry widths: 365 mm, 425 mm | Ventilation grille: In the box end rail

Beck+Heun roller shutter box expert advice