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Restful sleep to let down.

Made to protect you - from light, noise and energy loss

They ensure an undisturbed night's sleep, regulate the indoor climate and provide protection against burglars - ROLLER SHUTTERS are a sensible investment in the quality of your home and its value. This type of shading is particularly recommended for completely darkening bedrooms or protecting easily accessible windows from unwanted intruders. ROLLER SHUTTERS from Beck+Heun are made of high-quality PVC or aluminum profile rods - i.e. particularly resistant and durable materials. The rods are articulated into each other and secured against slipping by lateral locks. Each roller shutter is fitted with an end strip that gives it a visually appealing finish and enables it to be fitted quietly.


Robust professional

Powder-coated aluminum profiles provide additional stability and make the roller shutter curtain even more resistant and robust. They are the first choice for large windows as they do not sag and can withstand strong gusts of wind. In addition, aluminum profiles have a PU foam lining that provides additional thermal and sound insulation. Their reduced running noise makes them particularly convenient to operate.


Proven classic

PVC roller shutter profiles are the most frequently used shading system. They offer proven quality at moderate costs.

Thermal insulation

The lowered roller shutter prevents the room from heating up due to the sun's heat. It also forms an air cushion against the window. This keeps the heat where it should stay - inside in winter and outside in summer.


Roller shutter profiles from Beck+Heun are resistant to moisture, cold and sunlight. They have a long service life, defy wind and weather for many years and protect your windows for decades.

Comfort control

From the switch next to the window to the smart home with automatic control according to the time of day or position of the sun - there are no limits to the operating convenience of your roller shutter. It can also be fed into the Alexa, Siri & Co. network.


Closed ROLLER SHUTTERS improve burglary protection as they prevent people from looking into the building. In addition, motor-operated ROLLER SHUTTERS with a fixed connector make it more difficult to push the door up from the outside.

Noise protection

Especially those who live near busy roads or even an airport will appreciate peace and quiet. A closed roller shutter improves sound insulation by up to 6 decibels.


When closed, the roller shutter provides almost complete blackout. So you can turn day into night - for an afternoon nap, for example.

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