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Beck+Heun offers a comprehensive package of accessories around the roller shutter box. It ranges from a simple insulated belt diffuser of air tightness class two to everything you need to operate a roller shutter or external venetian blind. On request, you can get the accessories, as far as it is technically feasible, already factory-installed in the respective shading system. Have you searched in vain for an accessory product on this page? Please contact us.

General accessories

Equipment around the roller shutter box

Standard equipment

In addition to the roller shutter box, Beck+Heun also offers the accessories necessary for its operation. From shafts to bearings to insulated belt guides - you receive the equipment as desired either loose or, as far as possible, already pre-assembled.

Especially for RG SYSTEMS

Practical helpers for the operation and inspection of roller shutter boxes that are closed on the room side. This means that work on the inside of the box can be done quickly and can usually be carried out by one person.


Beck+Heun also offers specially adapted closure covers and additional profiles for the matching closure. These can be used not only in new buildings, but also as accessories for existing buildings or as part of renovations.


Beck+Heun MOUNTING BRACKETS are uncomplicated aids for fastening external venetian blind boxes or EXTERNAL VENETIAN BLINDS in ETICS or for supporting connection elements. They are optionally available in plastic or stainless steel.


With the supply air elements from the renowned manufacturers Siegenia and Aereco, the fresh air requirement and the moisture load regulation can be reliably ensured, independent of the user.