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Complete systems


The construction time accelerator
Modular construction now also for window installation!

Our remedy against the building brake

Modular serial window installation

A shortage of skilled workers, supply chain problems, bureaucracy: the challenges in residential construction are adding up to put the brakes on construction. Property developers, architects and window manufacturers are coming under increasing deadline pressure.

We can't give you more time. But we can make sure that you get more done in the same amount of time.

With the WINDOWMENT® complete window system, construction sites are picking up speed. The window is married to all adjacent components in the workshop. A self-contained unit is delivered to the construction site, which is set directly into the brickwork using a construction crane.

The construction time accelerator in detail

Pre-assembled components ex works

  • Windows
  • Roller shutter or external venetian blind box including drive technology and curtain
  • Insulated two-part guide rail system
  • Insulated reveals - ready for painting and wallpapering on the inside, can be plastered over on the outside
  • Thermally separated and insulated window sill or screed connection element
  • Inner and outer window sill (optional)

Easy to transport, easy to install

  • Each complete element is stored in packaging and remains protected until final acceptance after plastering
  • Tested crane lifting points allow fast and precise transportation to the place of installation
  • Transportability by crane significantly speeds up construction logistics

Solid construction "from a single source"

  • Soffit element in sandwich construction
  • High torsional stiffness
  • Integrated support frame steel profile
  • Insertable wall ties for a secure connection in all masonries
  • Requires neither temporary dismantling of individual parts nor subsequent assembly on site (e.g. no need to remove glass)
  • Can be processed immediately after delivery as a complete module
  • No plastering of the inner reveals necessary

The module in window construction

Insert immediately

In the rising masonry

After completion of the floor slab, cranes are usually available. With their help, the complete system is simply lowered into the wall being built and bricked in with it. This means that WINDOWMENT® is already an integral part of the exterior wall before the first slab is built.

Let in from above

Before using the floor slab

WINDOWMENT® can be installed by crane in open window recesses before the next ceiling or lintel. The stable structure of the complete system ensures load transfer during concreting. This eliminates many transportation, storage and work steps.

In the finished part

With the erection of the outer walls

WINDOWMENT® is inserted into the formwork mold in the precast concrete plant and set in concrete during the production process. This creates an all-round, secure fastening. Delivered to the construction site just in time, the wall, including window and shading unit, is installed by crane. This assembly variant offers the greatest time saving.

WINDOWMENT® expert advice

Simple. Faster.
Save construction time and costs

Save time

WINDOWMENT® is a highly insulating modular frame including shading, which accommodates the window and optionally also the window sills. All components are coordinated with each other and are processed in one go. The shell is closed earlier.

  • Serial window installation outside the construction site
  • Fewer work steps
  • Follow-up trades start earlier

Conserve manpower

Another advantage that pays off, especially with large objects: WINDOWMENT® saves multiple and manual transportation. Instead of many individual parts, you receive a complete system. This is transported by construction crane and installed directly or stored temporarily.

  • Assembly with just two people
  • Easy on the back: no manual lifting
  • Fewer skilled workers required

Reduce effort

WINDOWMENT® is just one single trade on the construction site and significantly simplifies planning, procurement, logistics and processing. Whereas previously many individual parts had to be planned and assembled, everything is now available in a single solution.

  • High planning security
  • Reduction of interfaces
  • Less rework



WINDOWMENT® wins silver in the "Modular / serial construction" category


WINDOWMENT® wins bronze in the "Best Product Innovation" category

Award Residential Buildings of the Year 2022 from Callwey Verlag

WINDOWMENT® wins 1st prize: Solution of the year