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For inspection work without screws - VARIO-PLUS cover 2.

The sealing covers of the VARIO-PLUS 2 series represent the standard closure of roller shutter boxes with room-side inspection. Due to the high thermal insulation properties and the processing of Neopor® with λ = 0.032 W/(mK), they serve as the basis of Beck+Heun thermal insulation verifications and tests. For this purpose, the "unslotted" variant is recommended in connection with the new Beck+Heun universal roll-off crossbar KST 89 for closure thicknesses up to 31 mm. This variant ensures future-oriented requirements and verifications according to EnEV as well as supplement 2 to DIN 4108. It improves the application possibilities in the low-energy sector and for KfW houses.

The sealing covers are reinforced with b-Tex fibres and offer high stability. Side reveal connection profiles form a clean finish for the reveal plaster and a visually appealing transition between the support area of the box and the closure cover. The large delivery programme of accessory profiles rounds off the closure cover range and allows it to be used not only in new buildings but also in renovations.

Closing lid VARIO-PLUS 2

  • In hollow chamber construction with 25 mm Neopor® [λ = 0.032 W/(mK)].
  • Width: 95 - 255 mm
  • Total thickness: approx. 31 mm
  • Surface: White

Alternative: Closing lid standard white

  • Optimum adaptation to the specified installation dimensions due to the possibility of mounting the panel on top
  • Available butted on both sides, folded on one side or both sides
  • 3-layer version (1 mm PVC top layer white and 27 mm XPS core each)
  • λ = 0.035 W/(mK)
  • Maximum panel size = 1.0 m x 4.0 m