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THERMO-HSA - Especially for lift-slide systems

Ideal for thicker frames

The screed connection element THERMO-HSA is especially suitable for lift-slide systems or for larger frame thicknesses. Here, the support bar is adapted to the respective frame thickness in order to provide the largest possible support surface. THERMO-HSA can also be adapted to any floor construction and connection. Frame extensions in the screed area are no longer required. Stable inserts and REINFORCEMENT BRACKETS within the element also ensure optimum load transfer. A special additional module is available for the use of a window sill.


for the complete window sill area


below the lift-slide unit



1. height under frame

Sufficient space for the lower connection in the screed area, optionally for a terrace connection, insulation below the terrace connection

2. dissipation of wind loads

From a height of 180 mm, a steel angle is integrated to absorb the wind loads from the lower frame connection.

Made to measure

Height, width and inclination can be individually designed according to customer requirements.


Special equipment and accessories

THERMO-EZM - The screed add-on module

Thermal insulation block element Additional module made of Neopor® [ λ = 0.032 W/(mK) - B1] prepared for the lower window connection in the screed area for an external aluminium or stone window sill.

Further information can be found in the Complete Systems brochure at the bottom of the page.