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The lightweight classic in its second generation - top model closed on the interior side

ROKA-THERM® 2 RG is the room-side closed (RG) variant of the newly launched lightweight modular series. Its jointless construction offers planning security and enables particularly good thermal insulation and soundproofing properties. In order to further improve these, the standard roller compartments are now smaller (see table in the catalogue). Larger roller chambers are available on request.

Since access to the box interior is via the outlet slot, ROKA-THERM® 2 RG can be invisibly integrated into the façade and plastered, wallpapered or tiled over the entire surface on the room side. In addition to its insulating properties, the RG box stands out due to its
stability. This is ensured by patented PLATINUM® reinforcement inserts.

Plastic side panel

A clean look as well as high stability is made possible by the new side part. The bearing is attached to it with a U-bolt. Additional screw points allow the bearing to be moved forward.

1. reinforcement insert

Optionally available with profiled PLATINUM® steel sheets or reinforcement inserts. These ensure high rigidity. Time-consuming support in the shell construction phase is reduced.

2. window fixing profile

The special PVC stiffening profile is integrated as standard in the insulation wedges of the roller shutter boxes closed on the room side (RG) and is equipped with a steel reinforcement. It is used to fix the window frame.

ROKA-THERM® 2 RG - Installation variants

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS