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Who is not happy about the first rays of sunshine and the associated rising temperatures? But these should take place above all in front of the window. This is where the attachment elements with external venetian blinds come into play. Due to the possible variable slat position, you define the incidence of light yourself and thus create a pleasant room climate. Beck+HeunFRONT-MOUNTED EXTERNAL VENETIAN BLINDS are available in three designs and slat shapes.

The variants at a glance

With the look of a front-mounted roller shutter

  • Bottom part 45° bevelled
  • Extruded aluminium
  • Square box
  • Extruded aluminium
  • Round bezel
  • Extruded aluminium
  • Inspection cover straight
  • Incl. 8 mm plaster base board
  • Can be plastered in laterally up to max. 30 mm


The right shape for every taste - Optimal to combine.

Front-mounted shuttersEXTERNAL VENETIAN BLINDS are perfect for combining with existing front-mounted shutters! The modern and uniform design of the front-mounted roller shutters makes it possible! When it comes to design, you also have a choice of over 400 different RAL colours and shapes for the boxes atFRONT-MOUNTED EXTERNAL VENETIAN BLINDS . FRONT-MOUNTED EXTERNAL VENETIAN BLINDS are mounted in front of the window or on the façade. If the box is not to be visible, we recommend installing the front-mounted Venetian blind with integrated plaster base. With this system, the blind is completely plastered so that a uniform façade appearance is created. The optional box or lintel insulation ensures that no thermal bridges can occur above the window. In addition, there is the advantage that the box is easily accessible from the outside for possible repairs. Another great advantage is the pre-assembly of the front-boxEXTERNAL VENETIAN BLINDS. These are delivered with the curtains already installed and are mounted in a similar way to prefabricated windowsROLLER SHUTTERS . This reduces the installation time on the building site. This reduces the assembly time on site enormously.

1. box
  • 3 mm thick extruded aluminium, 3 parts
  • Surfaces two-layer stove enamelled
  • Box shapes: 45° bevelled, square, round or as flush-mounted box
  • Service and repair work can be carried out quickly and cleanly via the external inspection panel.
2. slats
  • Slats optionally as 80 mm flat, pack height optimised C or 73 mm darkening slats
3rd drive
  • Standard electric motor, optionally with radio receiver
  • Guide profile stem venetian blind
  • With black 2-component plastic insert profile
  • In driving rain-proof design with water-draining end closures