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The lightweight insulation element for front boxes - Variable thermal insulation block for every front element.

Beck+Heun thermal insulation block add-on elements made of polystyrene rigid foam are suitable for all commercially available add-on elements. The thermal bridge-free lintel formwork enables the use of facing elements in low-energy construction and meets the increased requirements according to EnEV. The ROKA-TWIN-TOP system consists of perfectly matched components. The fixing adapters are individually adapted to the existing window. No frame widening or recessing is necessary.

Invisibly integrable

In addition to the improved insulation properties, the advantage of the add-on insulation element lies in the invisible integration on the room side. Since the revision of the attachment box takes place from the outside, it can be plastered over the entire surface from the inside and adapted to the spatial appearance.

Material variants

For optimal realisation of the EnEV requirements, this box system is optionally available in Neopor® [ λ = 0.032 W/(mK)] or Styropor® [ λ = 0.035 W/(mK)].

Window fixing guide

A frame connection profile is integrated in the inner insulation block to fix the window frame.

Individual recess

The box recess can be flexibly adapted in terms of dimensions to all available box shapes and sizes in terms of height and depth.

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