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ROKA-THERM® 2 Revision from inside

The lightweight classic in its second generation - easy revision if necessary

ROKA-THERM® 2 is characterised by an internal inspection opening. The corresponding sealing cover is optionally included in the scope of delivery. This allows subsequent access to the inside of the box at any time. Due to its Styropor® nature, the lightweight shading system weighs only a few kilograms and can be transported on the construction site without the use of a crane.

Plastic side panel

A clean look as well as high stability is made possible by the new side part. The bearing is attached to it with a U-bolt. Additional screw points allow the bearing to be moved forward.

1. reinforcement insert

Optionally available with profiled PLATINUM® steel sheets or reinforcement inserts. These ensure high rigidity. Time-consuming support in the shell construction phase is reduced.

2. optimised rolling space

To further improve the insulating properties, the roller spaces are now smaller (see details in the catalogue). Would you like a larger roller shutter? Please contact us.

3. new accessories

New closing lids with modified contour. The previous ones are no longer compatible. Please note that a new crossbar is necessary for this.

You can find more information in the ACCESSORIES section.

ROKA-THERM® 2 - Installation variants

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS