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THERMO-FBA - The connection element for the window sill

Thermally separated and optimally insulated

The window sill connection element THERMO-FBA is prepared for every commercially available window and for window sills made of stone or aluminium. The window is placed directly on the connection element during installation. Afterwards, the exterior and interior window sills can simply be slid under the window. These are then thermally separated from each other and optimally insulated towards the masonry. There is no longer any need for PVC window sill connection profiles.



1. height under frame

Sufficient space for a standard, max. 31 mm aluminium or 36 mm stone window sill, insulation below the window sill.

2. connection outside

Exterior with 5° slope and a Z-shaped structure, which ensures better mortaring/gluing of all common window sill systems.

Made to measure

Height, width and inclination can be individually designed according to customer requirements.

ETICS fastening profile

Enables fastening via angles when the element is used in ETICS (optional).


Special equipment and accessories

THERMO-EZM - The screed add-on module

Thermal insulation block element Additional module made of Neopor® [ λ = 0.032 W/(mK) - B1] prepared for the lower window connection in the screed area for an external aluminium or stone window sill.

Further information can be found in the Complete Systems brochure at the bottom of the page.