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PVC and aluminium roller shutter curtains - Safe shading and energy saving

The basis of all high-quality roller shutter systems for new and old buildings are prefabricated roller shutter panels made of high-quality plastic or aluminium profiles. They have good structural-physical properties, their surfaces are almost wear-free and easy to clean. Optimal winding diameters allow surprisingly small construction depths and box sizes. Studies have confirmed that ROLLER SHUTTERS can contribute significantly to thermal insulation. Closed ROLLER SHUTTERS reduces energy loss by up to 40 % (old buildings). Even with windows of newer construction, roller shutters can improve thermal insulation by up to 25 %. When closed, the modern roller shutter armour forms an air cushion between the inside of the armour and the outside of the window frame and glazing. This air cushion acts as a thermal insulation layer, thus improving the thermal insulation properties (U-value) and the sound insulation of the window by up to 6 decibels when the roller shutter is closed.

1. end bar

The end slats form a clean transition to the roller shutter box when the roller shutter is raised and additionally stabilise the blind. Furthermore, they serve as a stop for electronic motors or mechanical operation.

Plastic profile

Reliable basic profile for ideal privacy protection with burglar-resistant effect. The lateral locking prevents the slat bars from slipping.

Aluminium profile

High-quality aluminium profile for an attractive look. The use of aluminium also increases stability and makes the armour even more burglar-resistant.