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The mounting express with snap-on function - neatly mounted in record time.

ROKA-TOP® 2 EX is the first new construction add-on box from Beck+Heun with the practical snap-on function. For installation in record time, a basic snap-on profile is already pre-assembled between the side parts. With the counterpart on the window profile, the shading system is firmly connected to the window over its entire length. Thanks to the available adapters, the top box forms an airtight seal with almost any window.

In addition, the snap-on system convinces with its high degree of prefabrication: the closing cover including the two-part Neopor® insulation layer, the roller shutter curtain and the desired drive unit are pre-installed. This saves numerous work steps during final assembly. The scope of delivery also includes the new ALU RG-TG guide rail system. It is impervious to driving rain by means of an adhesive seal and is thermally separated due to its well thought-out design.

Plastic adapter

Plastic adapters are available for all common window systems. If none of them fits, two universal adapters are used - with foot or smooth. This allows ROKA-TOP® 2 EX to be fixed to any window system.

Special reinforcing iron

The special reinforcing iron is recommended for window widths of 1600 mm and above. It is adapted to the window systems by means of special plastic grids. The special reinforcing iron is screwed on at the points where the grids are located. In the case of smooth window frames, for example made of wood, the iron is screwed to the window.

ROKA-TOP® 2 EX - Installation variants

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS



ROKA-TOP® 2 EX RG - Installation variants

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS




Simple mounting due to snap-on function

Window adapter

Universal adapters are available for all common windows. This means that the box can be easily mounted on any window. From a window width of 1600 mm, we recommend the Beck+Heun special reinforcing iron shown for a powerful connection and additional window stiffening.

Window connection

Place the top box on the floor and insert the window into the counterpart of the snap-in profile.


Snap the window into place. Now it is firmly connected to the box.

Fixing handle

Push the mounting stem into the pre-assembled mounting shoe.

Window fixing

Then screw the fixing stem to the window.

Airtight connection

The top box is now firmly attached to the window. Now mount the GUIDE RAILS .