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The add-on box for textile sun protection - The special curtain alternative.

After ROLLER SHUTTERS and external venetian blinds, textile SUN SHADINGS with SCREEN® fabric is becoming increasingly popular. In order to integrate these invisibly and thermally insulated into the façade, Beck+Heun has developed the ROKA-TOP® SCREEN lintel box. ROKA-TOP® SCREEN for rendered buildings enables the most effective energy saving and highest comfort. It is suitable for retrofitting the textile shading SCREEN®. The use of high-quality insulating materials - such as Neopor® with [ λ = 0.032 W/(mK)] - enables compliance with the KfW-40 and passive house standards.

The textile shading SCREEN® keeps the curtain stable and wrinkle-free in the tracks even in wind and weather thanks to its intelligent zip system. The structure of the fabric can be selected according to the desired light incidence, thermal protection or opacity. Thanks to the extensive range of colours, SCREEN® offers individual design options for pleasant living and working.

Especially for ETICS facade

The Phonotherm cover allows the external venetian blind box to be insulated in accordance with the plaster guidelines. According to these, ROLLER SHUTTER AND VENETIAN BLIND BOXES, which protrude into a thermal insulation composite system, must be provided with at least 40 mm of insulation on the front side.

1. window fixing strip

A frame connection profile is integrated in the inner insulation block to fix the window frame.

2. special shaft geometry

Guarantees simple and quick assembly when inserting the SCREEN® element.

3. 200 mm box height

Despite the low standard box height of 200 mm, excellent insulation values can be achieved.

ROKA-TOP® SCREEN - Installation variants

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS



System components

Intelligent drive

The new drive tries to override the obstacle by starting up three times and only switches off automatically if the obstacle remains. Damage to the fabric can thus be avoided.

Guide rail

The 2-part guide rail with plastic guide is made of extruded aluminium and matches the box colour thanks to a powder coating.

Simplified assembly

The fastening system saves space during transport and simplifies the installation of the box. The fastening stem is individually adapted to the window. Without additional profiles, the complete element is installed in just a few steps.

Invisibly integrable

The advantage of TOP-MOUNTED BOXES closed on the room side is, in addition to the improved insulating properties, the invisible integration on the room side. The thermal bridge-free insulating block element eliminates the energetic weak point above the window and the box can be plastered over the entire surface from the inside.

Material variants

For optimal realisation of the EnEV requirements, this box system is optionally available in Neopor® [ λ = 0.032 W/(mK)] or Styropor® [ λ = 0.035 W/(mK)].

EVS electrical distribution system

The EVS box mounted in the box body at the factory allows the cable to be routed into the interior of the room during installation. This facilitates the electrical connection on site.

Zip system

The zip system holds the curtain laterally in the GUIDE RAILS, so that increased wind loads can be handled and lateral light incursion is avoided.

Extensive fabric selection

Individual hangings are available depending on the application. These include translucent fabrics and fabrics that block up to 97% of sunlight. Up to 400 colours leave nothing to be desired.