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Textile shading ZIP

Functional awnings for effective outdoor shading

Textile shading ZIP

The right system for every application


Textile sun protection is in vogue, and rightly so. Especially in the area of terraces and conservatories, but also on classic windows, a ZIP brings summery flair to the façade with its fabric drape and transparency.

Large areas are just as possible as solutions around the corner. The lateral easyZIP-GUIDE RAILS offers high wind stability and the responsive motor offers special comfort. With three variants in the range - integrated in the ROKA-TOP® 2 RG top box or in the VBR front box as well as a FLEX ZIP solution for systems closed on the room side - there is a wide range of possibilities.

The right system for every application


  • Top box with ZIP hangers
  • Simplified assembly due to proven box system
  • Available in all box depths and heights
  • Available with AIRFOX® ventilation system, STABILUM fixings or INSECT SCREENS


  • Compatible with roller shutter boxes closed on the room side
  • Upright system with plug-in function
  • Convenient 3-step assembly
  • Compact assembly - no individual parts


  • Pre-assembly box with ZIP hangers
  • Can be mounted directly or at a distance on the façade and plastered in place
  • Box designs angular, round, semicircular or plastered
  • Shades up to 18 square metres

A wide range of options for an individual feel-good atmosphere

Accentuating eye-catchers: adapted to every need

In addition to the extensive selection of fabric designs, the GUIDE RAILS, the drop bar and, with VBR-ZIP, the box panels can also be individually designed. The Beck+Heun colour range offers a great deal of scope, and most colours are cost-neutral. Divided into a total of three price categories, you are spoilt for choice - from classic white or anthracite to colours with a mica effect, much is possible. Basically, there are no limits to colour preferences.

If you would like a colour outside the palette, please let us know.

Highlights in appearance and function

Maximum glare and sun protection combined with transparency for daylight and an unobstructed view outside: the available fabric meshes are the crowning glory of our ZIP systems. They defy rain, strong sunlight, heat and much more. The fabrics are not only robust and resistant, but can also be perfectly processed in the vertical course of the ZIP hangings.


A real eye-catcher: the acrylic fabric shines and glows in the truest sense of the word with its extraordinary colour brilliance.

Twilight Pearl/Metal

The PVC-free duo stands out with its textile look and large selection of trendy colours. The "Metal" version is refined with particles in silver, gold, nickel or platinum.

SecuTex fabric A2

The safety guarantor: Thanks to its glass fibre fabric with silicone coating, SecuTex is non-combustible (building material class A2) according to DIN 4102-1.

Soltis 92

The transcendent fabric directs a lot of daylight into the interior of the room and thus creates pleasant brightness. Summer heat is reliably blocked out.


The optimal mix: The open PVC-coated glass fibre fabric allows a view through and at the same time offers good glare protection.

Screen - sun protection with high light transmission

Screen fabrics consist of PVC-coated glass fibre yarns that are woven together and fixed by thermal treatment. As a result, they defy deformation due to the effects of heat and are flame-retardant in accordance with DIN 4102-B1. In addition, this type of production ensures long-term colour brilliance and enables multi-coloured designs. Basically, screens offer high light transmission with simultaneous sun and glare protection. These properties vary depending on the design - for even more individuality.

Excerpt from the Screen Collection

Our plus for comfort, resistance and durability

Reagibler Motor

The ZIP systems from Beck+Heun, with the exception of the two-part VBR-ZIP porch box, are equipped with a responsive motor that detects obstacles. In doing so, it can distinguish between temporary blockages such as gusts of wind or permanent path blockages, for example in the form of a garden chair. The motor switches off automatically as soon as it has had to approach an obstacle three times. This further minimises the risk of cloth damage.


The ZIP curtain is guided laterally in the easyZIP-GUIDE RAILS in the zip system. It is easily installed using the easyZIP clip profile. This reduces friction on the rail and tightens the curtain, which can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 km/h. Even heavy rainfall can be withstood. The easyZIP guide rail also defies heavy rainfall: thanks to a constructive interruption of the capillary joint, it is connected to the window in a driving rain-proof manner. Minimal dimensions offer a filigree appearance and easy integration into the façade. In addition, incidence of light between the blind and the guide rail is avoided. The easyZIP guide rail can be plastered over, in the FLEX ZIP version even completely.

Prepared for everything with certainty

Standardised safety, discreetly concealed

VisioNeo is a stylish and discreet glass fall protection for floor-to-ceiling windows. The entire system is certified according to the valid standard and has a building authority test certificate. This means you are on the safe side when it comes to the usability and safety of the product.

The glass fall protection from our partner WAREMA is already available in combination with ROLLER SHUTTER AND VENETIAN BLIND BOXES from Beck+Heun. From 2020, VisioNeo will also be combinable with a ZIP curtain. A new window system awning (FSM) from Beck+Heun makes it possible. It is equipped with a guide rail system that accommodates both the laminated safety glass and the ZIP. In this way, the shading and the fall protection merge into one product that is fully integrated into the reveal.

Freedom in your own hands

Electrically operated shading offers comfort and protects privacy. In escape routes - for example on balconies or terraces - it must also be ensured that the blinds can be opened in an emergency. With the additional SecuKit mechanical operation, the escape route is cleared in a flash in dangerous situations - such as a fire-related power failure. The lowered curtain is pulled up manually by means of a belt. An intuitive principle that is immediately understood even in a panic situation.


For design variants and other technical information, please refer to the TEXTILE SHADING ZIP brochure under Brochures/Catalogues.


Would you like to find out more about SecuKit and the other escape route solutions from Beck+Heun? You can find the brochure under Brochures/Catalogue or in our technology portal at