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AERECO ZUROH 100 / 110 - Flat design for perfect integration

The highlight of the AERECO ZUROH 100 / 110 fresh air diffusers is the mechanical sensor. This detects the relative room humidity and regulates the opening cross-section of the dampers in the ventilation element. The higher the humidity, the wider the flaps are opened - and without auxiliary energy. This ensures that the necessary air flows into the rooms where it is needed. AERECO ZUROH 100 / 110 is mounted on the room side of the roller shutter or external venetian blind box using a specially developed mounting frame from Beck+Heun. The ZUROH 100 element is completely user-independent and has no lock. ZUROH 110 is equipped with a rotary knob with which it can also be closed by means of manual operation or set to continuous ventilation.

Mounting frame

For plastering on the room side (13 mm projection over box surface).

Ventilation element

The ventilation element is installed on site after plastering. Air performance 4.5 to 26 m³/h at 8 Pa.


With locking and opening lever (ZUROH 110 only).

Air flow

The vertical air flow provides more living comfort.


Ventilation planning and design, including the guarantee of exhaust air, is the responsibility of the planner or customer.

AERECO ZUROH 100 / 110 - Fresh air outlets

Main technical features

  • Sound insulation according to DIN EN ISO 10140-2 Standard sound level (fan closed): Available on request
  • Volume limit: closure only ZUROH 110
  • Closability: ZUROH 110 only
  • Material supply air element: Plastic
  • Material mounting frame: Hard PVC
  • Colour: White (similar to RAL 9003)
  • Dimensions: Width approx. 329 mm, height approx. 57 mm

ALL advantages at a glance


Humidity-controlled: Adjusts the air volume flows to the relative air humidity


Acoustic attenuation: D, n, e, w = 30 dB open / 34 db closed


Choice with or without closure


Slim design for simple and inconspicuous mounting on the roller shutter box


Easy cleaning: No recalibration / only cleaning

Note: For more information on this and other ventilation systems, see the catalogue "VENTILATION SYSTEMS" at the bottom of the page.