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INSECT SCREENS - Sliding doors

For conservatories, patio or balcony openings - Free view to the outside.

Lift-and-slide doors for conservatories, balcony or terrace openings are usually used where an unobstructed view of nature is desired. For this purpose, Beck+Heun offers the right insect screen system with particularly large contiguous mesh areas for an unobstructed view. Due to its extruded aluminium profiles and corner joints, this large-area element also has enormous stability and strength.

Optional rung

The optional glazing bar makes the sliding system easier to see. It also increases the stability.

Sliding carriage

Attached to the underside, it allows the sliding door to slide smoothly to the side.



Traffic white

glossy, RAL 9016

Ochre brown

matt, RAL 8001

Black brown

silk matt, TON 8077


anodised, E6 / EV1

Sepia brown

matt, RAL 8014

Anthracite grey

matt, RAL 7016

Special colours

All other RAL colours according to the RAL colour chart are also available on request.



Standard fibreglass fabric

black, reliable INSECT SCREENS with clear view, thread thickness: 0.22 mm, open viewing area: 70 %.

Pure Vision fabric

black, maximum room brightness even with oblique incidence of light, thread thickness: 0.15 mm, open viewing area: 85 %.

Stainless steel mesh

for frames, easy to clean, robust and weatherproof, thread thickness 0.22 mm, open visible area: 72 %.

Pet screen fabric

black, sturdy fabric especially for households with dogs or cats, thread thickness: 0.6 mm, open visible area: 45 %.

Pollen protection fabric

Black, micro-fine mesh openings keep out up to 90 % of pollen