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The new bestseller - For even more comfort and safety.

The proven external venetian blind box system has been further improved and strengthened in detail. The standard reinforcement insert, the box end rail and the fixing strip integrated in the insulation wedge promise even more stability and support. Special attention is also paid to the visually revised outer panel. This has the same height on the inside and outside and thus ensures a uniform lintel appearance. This makes the external venetian blind box system ideal for combined use with a roller shutter box.

Side part

A clean look as well as high stability is made possible by the new side panel, which is manufactured using the PVC injection moulding process.

1. window stop rail

Provides additional stabilisation for the window frame. It also covers the mounting joint between the window and the insulation wedge.

2. details refined

The outer integrated box end rail has been designed to be even more stable. The moulded honeycomb structure provides ideal plaster adhesion to the box.

3. window fixing strip

The PVC stiffening profile in the dam wedge is used in conjunction with the window stop rail to fix the window frame. From a box length of 175 mm, it is provided with steel reinforcement.

4. reinforcement insert

Specially reinforced PLATINUM® reinforcement baskets ensure high rigidity of the external venetian blind boxes.

ROKA-TOP® 2 SHADOW - Installation variants

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS