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For assembly and revision

Clip spring 2-piece

  • For roller shutter curtains in RG roller shutter boxes
  • Suspension of the roller shutter on the steel shaft by means of spring steel (L 200 mm) and plastic mounting (L 250 mm)
  • For mini or maxi roller shutter
  • Easy separation of the suspension from the spring steel by loosening the overthrust clamp with one hand

Shaft pitch bearing 1

  • Recommended as "corner bearing" when using the ALU-RG base rail, but not with the ALU RG-TG guide rail system.

Shaft pitch bearing 2

  • When using the RG base rail and version with "intermediate cover" complete with ball bearing
  • For the double base rail and the guide rail system ALU RG-TG on request

Shaft support bearing

  • Suitable for guide rail system ALU RG-TG
  • Enables large window areas with divided roller shutter curtain and one operation

One-man assembly aid

  • For hooking into the base rail
  • Easy, safe storage of the tank during assembly
  • Both hands free, one fitter is sufficient (depending on shutter width)