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Much more than the sum of its parts

Beck+Heun is Europe's leading developer, manufacturer and processor of highly energy-efficient window systems. Over 550 employees contribute to the success of the family-owned company, which was founded in 1962. They work at a total of three locations in Germany. Beyond Germany's borders, customers from 23 countries rely on our products. In many of them, local sales partners are available.

Beck+Heun's head office is located in Mengerskirchen. It is complemented by two other locations in Erfurt and Altenmünster. Each branch specialises in the manufacture of certain product groups, but also has standard products that are in demand. This distribution in Germany has a positive effect on product development, consulting and delivery times. The locations are complemented by a large field service team. This means that customers have a contact person close by at every location in Germany.

But our service does not end with the delivery of the ordered product. With additional extras - such as architectural consulting, our building physics team or the CAMPUS training courses - we want to offer our customers all-round successful support.

Beck+Heun GmbH is part of the Beck group of companies. It operates in three very different sectors - construction, mobile catering( and equestrian sports( As a result, the individual sister companies are constantly inspired to take innovative approaches.

Products from Beck+Heun are much more than just the material they are made of. The management teams at the sites (here: Mengerskirchen) harmonise all key areas of the value chain - for a straightforward purchasing process, top quality, fair prices and short delivery times.

Be it roller shutter boxes from Mengerskirchen, brick products from Altenmünster or external venetian blind boxes from Erfurt. Our locations complement each other perfectly and allow us to optimally supply our customers.

Philipp Beck

Beck+Heun in numbers
  • Foundation 1962
  • Around 550 employees
  • 3 locations in Germany
  • Worldwide export - directly or via local distribution partners

Management Guidelines of the Beck+Heun Group

as part of our common values and corporate culture

Beck+Heun's corporate culture is an essential foundation for our economic success. Our common values are reflected in the following management guidelines. The main focus is on fair and respectful interaction with each other as well as forward-looking thinking and action that is willing to change and is also oriented towards sustainable profitability. Our goal is to provide the best management team in the industry - the consistent implementation of the management guidelines is a prerequisite for this.


We try to find the best solution for both the customer and Beck+Heun.

What does this mean for us as managers at Beck+Heun?

  • We place customer, cost and result orientation at the centre of our daily actions.
  • Our guidelines are binding for all managers and form the basis for a uniform understanding of leadership. They are therefore not only the standard for dealing with our employees, but also the binding set of rules among the managers.
  • We are all jointly responsible for customer satisfaction.
  • We do not focus on problems, but on timely solutions.
  • We take responsibility for the result in the respective area and for the entire company.
  • We set achievable goals and use our resources responsibly.

What we expect from our employees is what we ourselves live by.

What does this mean for us as managers at Beck+Heun?

  • We lead the way, set standards in performance, effectiveness, discipline and promote excellence. This means we are more leader and coach than expert and manager.
  • We show appreciation to our employees.
  • We strengthen the personal responsibility of our employees by delegating demanding tasks and involving them in decision-making processes.
  • We promote a corporate culture based on commitment, trust and mutual respect.
  • We live our leadership guidelines and actively demand them.

Being better than others - setting standards.

What does this mean for us as managers at Beck+Heun?

  • We have the courage to change, are constantly developing proactively and involve our employees in upcoming new developments at an early stage.
  • We promote the personal development of our employees in all areas.
  • We encourage our employees to contribute their own ideas, identify potential for improvement and shape positive change so that we continue to be perceived as an innovation leader in the market.
  • We think in terms of solutions, not problems.

We treat our employees, customers and suppliers as we would like to be treated.

What does this mean for us as managers at Beck+Heun?

  • We know our employees and deploy them specifically according to their strengths, knowledge and skills.
  • We give regular feedback, praise and recognition, but also constructive criticism.
  • We regularly inform our employees and proactively communicate goals, successes and changes at an early stage.
  • We treat each other with respect.
  • We talk to each other at eye level and not about each other.

Our three product forges in Germany

From production to administration to the customer - we pull on a "belt"

We have understood that the success of a company depends strongly on the composition of its team. Behind Beck+Heun's products are construction engineers and physicists as well as experienced craftsmen and technically skilled business people. The next generation also plays an important role - our trainees and dual students are motivated to contribute their ideas and to act proactively right from the start. In addition, our locations in the west, east and south of Germany bring together three typical local mentalities. In their own way, they all live the idea of innovation in the spirit of the founders. And they stick together. This corporate culture naturally also includes our customers. We have maintained business relationships with many of them as partners for decades.

Maintaining this at all times is sometimes a challenge. Here, the company has a duty to support its employees. That is why Beck+Heun offers a wide range of training opportunities to further develop their own professional and social skills. In addition, a comprehensive health programme has been introduced. With joint activities - such as running groups or fitness courses - the focus is on team cohesion and well-being.

The fact that we enjoy coming to work at Beck+Heun is proven by our steadily growing team and the low fluctuation rate. Those who are hired usually stay. Some employees can look back on more than 40 years of service. So it is quite common that their children and even grandchildren are also employed at Beck+Heun at the same time.

After work, it's time to get out of your work clothes and into your sports outfit. Colleagues help you to overcome your inner obstacle.

Petra Buckard
Internal Sales Administrator