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The perfect partner for roller shutter boxes - Uniform overall appearance of the façade

The external venetian blind box ROKA-SHADOW® 2 is the specialist when it comes to combining it with a roller shutter box (e.g. ROKA-THERM® 2 RG/S 2). The internal and external heights are the same for both boxes. Despite the use of two different box variants, a uniform overall appearance of the façade results, because the box height is the same.

1. insulation block

Fulfils the highest demands, up to and including thermal bridge-free construction in the lintel area.

2. stiffening profile

The special PVC stiffening profile is used to fix the window frame and is equipped with steel reinforcement from a box length of 1750 mm.

Details refined

The outer integrated box end rail has been designed to be even more stable. The moulded honeycomb structure provides ideal plaster adhesion.


ROKA-SHADOW® BLOCK - Installation variants

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS