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As part of a roller shutter box renovation, the belt guide should also be considered. Older models in particular have enormous
which can lead to not inconsiderable energy losses. With the special renovation solutions and accessories from Beck+Heun, this detail can also be modernised in no time.

Small energy savers

The entire range at a glance

ESM old building renovation belt guide
With the ESM renovation belt guide, belt openings in old roller shutter boxes can be insulated effectively and easily. Energy losses
losses can be reduced by up to 95 percent. The new belt guide system from Beck+Heun enables even faster installation. Thanks to the two-component system, it is no longer necessary to dismantle the belt strap.

Rehabilitation belt guide with belt removal

Drilling template
(optional, to be ordered separately)

Cellular rubber sealing frame

Distance frame 5 mm
(optional, to be ordered separately)

ESM belt guide with double brush seal

Cover frame

Rehabilitation belt guide without belt removal

Base body belt guide

Base body with cover flap

Cover frame

ESM Locking cap belt guide

The ESM closure cover belt guide can be easily installed in the context of a new installation as well as in the renovation. Thanks to the rotatable interchangeable insert of 0° or 90° or 45° left or right, the system is suitable for every installation situation.

Closure cover belt guide, course straight

Closure cover belt guide, 45° turned course