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VBR Standard

20° sloped box - Optimal for new construction and retrofitting.

This classic among the facing elements is optionally mounted on the façade or in the reveal. Front elements are therefore particularly interesting for the subsequent shading of buildings. Thanks to the various colour and operating options, this model leaves nothing to be desired.

1. box 20° bevelled

The bevel offers a visual highlight and makes the VBR Standard the bestseller among the front-mounted roller shutter boxes.

Roll formed box

2-part, 4-sided closed, 1 mm thick aluminium box available in white (similar to RAL 9016), brown (similar to RAL 8014), light beige, brown SF (similar to RAL 8077), agate grey (similar to RAL 7038), silver, anthracite grey (similar to RAL 7016 matt).

Extruded box

3-part, 4-sided closed, 1, 8 - 2, 8 mm thick aluminium box, all RAL colours possible, silk-gloss coated.

VBR Standard - Variants

RM 37 (M 317), roll-formed

M 317, extruded