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Textile shading ZIP

Functional awnings for effective outdoor shading

Textile shading ZIP

The right system for every application

Fits in all roller shutter boxes closed on the room side


As an elevated system with a plug-in function, FLEX ZIP can be integrated into all Beck+Heun roller shutter boxes that are closed on the room side and have an inspection opening of 80 millimetres. The system can even compensate for structural tolerances, such as slanted boxes, within certain limits.

The extensive collection of screen designs not only takes into account individual wishes in terms of appearance. The transparency, sun protection or heat protection can also be varied. Thanks to the large selection of colours for the GUIDE RAILS and the drop bar, FLEX ZIP can be designed to match down to the last detail.

Side hem guide

When run over the side seam, there are many advantages for ZIP systems: On the one hand, the wind stability is significantly increased - in the lowered state, ZIPs can withstand storms of up to 150 km/h. On the other hand, the annoying light gap is prevented. Secondly, the annoying light gap is prevented.


Small individual parts

FLEX ZIP is supplied as a compact assembly, including shaft, curtain, motor, brackets and GUIDE RAILS.

Drop bar

Steel-reinforced and solid, it provides weighty support and flawless running.

Ready assembled in three steps

With its practical plug-in function, FLEX ZIP is ready for use after only three assembly steps. The predefined position of the GUIDE RAILS minimises sources of error and makes installation even easier. Since this is done in front of the window and through the inspection opening of the box, the textile curtain can also be used if a roller shutter is already present. This and the associated GUIDE RAILS are simply replaced.

[1] Place the GUIDE RAILS on the brackets, tighten the locking screws and push the FLEX ZIP into the box.

[2] The position of the GUIDE RAILS is already predetermined by the brackets. They only need to be aligned vertically.

[3] Finally, screw the GUIDE RAILS to the window through the fixing holes.


For design variants and other technical information, please refer to the TEXTILE SHADING ZIP brochure under Brochures/Catalogues.