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Because behind every good idea is a clever fox.

Far more than just up and down

Of course, ROLLER SHUTTER AND VENETIAN BLIND BOXES from Beck+Heun primarily ensures that your sun protection goes up and down properly. But did you know that hidden above your window, invisible in the façade, is a certified and multifunctional building element? Your shading system can, for example, also take over the room ventilation or keep insects away. Above all, ROLLER SHUTTER AND VENETIAN BLIND BOXES effectively protects against energy loss and noise. And this is especially true when they are closed on the room side.


Optionally for mounting in the shell or for clipping onto the window profile


Attachment variant with clip function on request for simplified assembly


Suitable for every house facade and masonry


Disappears invisibly into the façade


Optionally closed on the room side (RG) or with inspection cover


Choose between roller shutter, external venetian blind or special hangings.

Hard core

Patented PLATINUM® reinforcement inserts stabilise from the inside.

Guide rail

The GUIDE RAILS can be painted to match the window and the hanging.


So that it only comes out when you need it: Shading systems from Beck+Heun have an integrated insect screen on request. Retrofitting is also possible at a later date - just give us a hint when ordering.

Ventilation with heat recovery

The AIRFOX® ventilation system integrated into the roller shutter or external venetian blind box provides fresh air when the windows are closed. The heat accumulator recovers up to 91 percent of the room heat.

No moisture

The temperature factor fRsi for preventing moisture on interior surfaces, with values of up to 0.89, exceeds the specifications of DIN 4108-3 with fRsi ≥ 0.70. So you don't have to worry about mould growth.


The choice is yours: from belt and crank operation to wired entry motors for switch operation and radio motors for feeding into your smart home.

Closed system

Integrated brush seals effectively keep out dirt and insects as well as cold.

Top insulation

The thermal insulation value of up to 0.28 W/(m2K) undercuts the required Usb value of ≤ 0.85 W/(m2K) by 68 %. For you, this means that energy-wasting thermal bridges are reduced to a minimum.

Well packed

The currency of an insulation material is its thermal conductivity. The lower this is, the better the thermal insulation and the greater the energy savings. Beck+Heun shading systems are made of EPS rigid foam and its further development, the silver-grey Neopor®. With lambda values of 0.035 and 0.032 W/(mK)* respectively, they have a low thermal conductivity and thus ensure that the expensive heating energy does not escape through thermal bridges above the window.

Use with a clear conscience: According to building regulations, insulation materials must be provided with a fire protection finish. That is why EPS rigid foam and Neopor® are treated with PolymerFR, a flame retardant that is harmless to people and the environment.

Closed on room side

A small detail that makes a big difference

Our tip: Ask your specialist dealer or architect about roller shutter boxes that are closed on the room side (RG). They represent the next evolutionary stage of shading systems.

RG SYSTEMS have decisive advantages in terms of insulation and appearance. They do not require a sealing cover on the inside and are constructed without joints. Practically made of one piece, sound bridges are avoided, absolute air tightness and optimal thermal insulation are achieved. If the box needs to be inspected at a later date, this can be done from the outside via the roller shutter outlet. The plastered, wallpapered or tiled interior remains untouched. This saves time, money and nerves. As a rule, shading systems that are closed on the room side are somewhat more expensive than those with a closing cover. However, the higher initial costs are quickly offset by the savings in heating costs. As these will continue to rise in the future, the investment in RG shading systems is all the more worthwhile. The Beck+Heun full range naturally also includes roller shutter boxes with closure lids.

Airtight, no joint
Avoidance of sound bridges
Completely plasterable
Invisibly integrated
No damage to the room side during revision
Significantly better thermal insulation

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