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ROKA-TOP® 2 with sealing lid

The classic top box for easy revision - New extras for sealing.

The standard variant ROKA-TOP® 2 is equipped with a sealing cover. It has been improved especially in the reveal area. A PVC reveal module with integrated foam block attached to the side panel provides more insulation and an attractive appearance. When the box is closed, this nestles up against the closing lid and seals the installation joint. Installation tolerances in the reveal area are concealed by the innovative stepped rebate between the side part and the closure cover. The result is a cleanly closed visible joint in the reveal area.

Optimised visible joint

Installation tolerances can be concealed with the new stepped rebate between the side part and the cover.

As dense as never

Optimum insulation of the reveal area is made possible by the new foam block attached to the side panel.

1. traverse insulation

Flexible foam profiles optimise the tightness and avoid thermal bridges at the closing lid.

2. connection profile

The clipped-on profile ensures a clean look during installation.

3. sealing cap

Available in window white for a harmonious, high-quality look.

ROKA-TOP® 2 - Installation variants

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS