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The powerhouse for insulation and stability - powerful in every respect.

The suffix "NEOLINE" stands for excellence in thermal insulation. Behind this is the processing of the material Neopor®. This achieves up to 20 percent higher insulation performance than Styropor®. ROKA-TOP® NEOLINE 2 combines the material Neopor® with the best properties of the ROKA-TOP® 2 series. The result is a premium top box that is second to none.

ROKA-TOP® NEOLINE 2 integrates a multitude of components that stabilise the window and ensure convenient installation. A new system structure and the processing of the high-performance insulating material Neopor® also enable Psi values that were previously unthinkable for roller shutter boxes - right up to freedom from thermal bridges in the reveal area. The system, which is closed on the room side, also makes no compromises with regard to air and driving rain tightness.

The stabilisation and simultaneous relief of the window, excellent installation comfort and top values in terms of thermal insulation make ROKA-TOP® NEOLINE 2 a premium model that meets the highest quality standards. The top box is supplied including the driving rain-proof guide rail system ALU RG-TG and in two versions - for windows and for doors.

Outer rail

A new shutter box end rail made of aluminium (bright) additionally reinforces the outer leg. In addition, it allows the likewise new funnel mounting slide and a brush for sealing to be accommodated. The end rail can be adapted to the respective installation situation with various outer rail extensions.

Window stop rail & window fixing profile

The aluminium window stop rail (E6 / EV1 anodised) on the insulation wedge has also proved its worth. This predefines the window seat and allows the hopper pick-up slide to be accommodated. In conjunction with the window fixing profile, the window stop rail provides additional stabilisation for the window frame. It also covers the installation joint between the window and the insulation wedge. The PVC stiffening profile in the insulation wedge is used in conjunction with the window stop rail to fix the window frame. For optimal stabilisation, it is always equipped with a torsion-resistant steel reinforcement.

STABILUM fastening concept

The problem of load transfer with split elements has also been solved. The box is doweled to the lintel or ceiling using the STABILUM DB ceiling fastening. The window is relieved and additionally fixed. STABILUM DB is firmly connected to the box. At the customer's request, several ceiling fixings can be installed. This is particularly recommended for long boxes.

PLATINUM® Inside & Thigh Builders

All roller shutter boxes in the ROKA-TOP® NEOLINE 2 series have profiled PLATINUM® steel sheets or reinforcement baskets foamed into them to stabilise the systems from the inside. ROKA-TOP® NEOLINE 2 also brings out the best in terms of leg thickness, because the new system has also increased here. With box size 365 mm, for example, it is almost twice as thick as with standardTOP-MOUNTED BOXES. The result is the highest possible stability in this detail as well. In order to protect the building element from UV radiation, the inner and outer surfaces are provided with a protective coating.

ROKA-TOP® NEOLINE 2 - Installation variants

WINDOW - Clear internal dimension Ø 165 mm

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS



DOOR - Clear internal dimension Ø 210 mm

Plaster (Monolithic)

Plaster in ETICS




Sophisticated technology for convenient assembly

Funnel slide

The sliding funnel slide between the box end rail and the window stop rail is a highlight of the add-on box system. If the guide rail is offset by a few millimetres, it is sufficient to move the funnel slide to compensate for this. The infeed hopper, the INSECT SCREENS roller blind or optionally the closing profile can thus already be pre-assembled at the factory.


The hopper slide is equipped with pre-mounted infeed funnels that ensure the clean infeed of the curtain. For this, the base rail must engage in the insertion feet on the funnel slide. The inlet funnels are available for Maxi and Mini roller shutter profiles and fit the ALU RG-TG guide rail system.

Insect screen

The further developed insect screen IR-3-2 can be easily mounted and dismounted in the hopper slide. It also serves as a closure for the inspection opening and can be integrated into the top box at the factory. Equipped with a brake and click-clack closure, the insect screen is a modern protection against uninvited guests.

Closure profile & roll-off glider

If no INSECT SCREENS is desired, the closing profile seals the mounting gap between the blind and the window. It is attached to the funnel slide by means of the roll-off slider and an additional sliding piece. There is no need to screw it to the window, which prevents damage to it. The glider also ensures that the blind runs smoothly.


Unbeatable insulation and tightness values

Due to the unique system design with optimised installation gap, the already powerful thermal characteristics of the ROKA-TOP® NEOLINE 2 series could be improved even further. With compact roll spaces of 165 mm for windows and 210 mm for doors, the new generation of TOP-MOUNTED BOXES offers unbeatable insulation values.

Sound insulation

Sound insulation values of ≥ Rw = 42 dB without additional measures offer a wide range of planning options. The closed (RG) construction on the room side also makes the system absolutely airtight.

ψ = 0.00 W/(mK) using the example MW = 365 mm, λ = 0.09 W/(mK)

Guide rail

ROKA-TOP® NEOLINE 2 contains the also new guide rail system ALU RG-TG1). This enables a significant improvement of the thermal insulation properties in this area. Depending on the installation situation, the reveal can even be executed without thermal bridges.

More about GUIDE RAILS in the category Accessories

1) RG: Closed on room side, TG: Thermally separated

Tightness against driving rain

The installation of the guide rail system by means of the new PVC nipple strip offers - besides the simplified installation - high stability. The nipple strip is glued to the window with sealing strips and fixed to it with screws. Due to the structure of the strip in conjunction with the bonding, the system is driving rain-proof.

Clear internal dimension Ø 165 mm

Reference values
365 mm Picture 601)
ψ (Psi) in W/(mK) 0,06 ≤ 0,32 
fRsi  0,78 > 0,70
Usb in W/(m2K)  0,25 ≤ 0,85

Clear internal dimension Ø 210 mm

Reference values
365 mm Picture 601)
ψ (Psi) in W/(mK) 0,11 ≤ 0,32 
fRsi 0,76 > 0,70
Usb in W/(m2K) 0,30 ≤ 0,85

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation properties of ROKA-TOP® NEOLINE 2 represent the state of the art. Thanks to its optimised details and improved installation situation, the new powerhouse from Beck+Heun achieves the highest insulation values.

1) Thermal insulation values according to picture specifications of DIN 4108 Supplement 2:2006-03, reference values for ψ (Psi) and fRsi are complied with. The system is considered to be a "Supplement 2-equivalent" installation detail.