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ROKA-TOP®2 PLUS from Beck+Heun - ift-tested sound insulation

Peace made to measure

In the new ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS closure cover add-on box system, the Beck+Heun development team combines ease of installation and operation with the best structural-physical values. In addition to air tightness, which is essential for effective thermal insulation, the experts focused in particular on sound insulation.

Best building physics values

Traditionally, top-mounted roller shutter boxes that are accessible from the room side achieve poorer thermal and sound insulation values than box systems that are closed on the room side due to the closure lid. ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS has a completely closed Neopor® sealing level above the closure lid. Thus, the new ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS achieves an enormous air tightness despite system-related joints in the area of the closure lid and convinces with best values in terms of thermal and sound insulation.

Customised sound insulation

Especially when it came to sound insulation, the experts from Mengerskirchen did not want to leave anything to chance. In order to verify the sound insulation values, a sound insulation test series was carried out by the renowned testing institute ift Rosenheim.

As expected by the Beck+Heun developers, the results are impressive: Even with the basic system of the ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS without additional sound insulation measures, the sound insulation values are approx. Rw = 40 dB, depending on the size. If better sound insulation is required, sound insulation values of up to Rw = 48 dB (test value) can be achieved with suitable sound insulation strips, which are arranged on the outer leg of the box, and a special sound insulation cover. ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS thus achieves sound insulation class 5.

Improved values, unrestricted functionality

While many suppliers additionally insulate the rolling space to improve sound insulation and thus reduce the geometry, the additional sound insulation measures in the ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS do not lead to a loss of rolling space. This means that the full functionality of the entire top box system is maintained with a significantly improved sound insulation value.

Additional power retrofittable

Another advantage of the ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS closure cover add-on box system: the additional sound insulation measures can also be retrofitted within the system. If the requirements were not sufficiently considered at the beginning of the planning or have increased during the construction phase, the additional sound insulation measures can be easily added. Regardless of whether suitable sound insulation strips, the special sound insulation cover or both are added to the basic system - it has no influence on the excellent thermal insulation values of ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS.

The new ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS top cover box combines simple installation, room-side access, unrestricted functionality and the best building physics values up to sound insulation class 5. As a system, ROKA-TOP® 2 PLUS offers the best possible solution for almost every requirement.